What is Microphone in Computer Use – types of microphone

The microphone is one of the devices that uses some basic theories of physics and electronics. Our customers rely on both of them for long and short distance communication.

Microphones are the things that make any kind of music, music creation, or video calling with your loved ones a success. There are many ingredients like this that we use on a daily basis but no one notices.

However, we will limit our conversations to computer-related microphones. So let’s focus on the microphone in this presentation.

What is Microphone in Computer?

In short, a microphone mic is an electronic device that converts audio waves into electronic signals, which are then carried by the computer as input.

In desktops, it is like any other peripheral device and is usually connected separately. Laptops now have built-in microphones that may not be professional, but for the average user, they serve that purpose.

It is usually located on the bezels of the laptop screen, near the camera. You can usually easily identify someone by looking for two small holes very close to the webcam.

Microphones are no longer essential, but you will need them for any kind of communication, not only with other people but also with the PC itself.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Mike ain’t for me either. There are many more uses for the microphone that you will soon learn.

Uses of Microphone

Audio recording

This is the most common use of a microphone and we do not need to specify the purpose for which the audio is recorded. It could be a text you need to memorize or a song you listen to. The creators of radio stations, video platforms such as YouTube also find this particular use more helpful.

Gaming and Streaming:

A good headset and mic are the best friends of the gamers. Some gamers prefer a separate mic, while others have a headset.

They provide good audio output, but their uses are limited.

Music production and sound engineering:

This is another field where clear audio is essential, and that’s why high-quality microphones are used.

Both the artist and the producer themselves use them to create the songs you love to listen to every day.

Voice and video chat:  

Calling, with or without video, would not be possible without a microphone. The mic supports your webcam and headphones every time you call a distant relative, a colleague, or a friend at work, and says goodbye to everyone.

There are other uses for the microphone, but they are not relevant here. But just having a microphone will not achieve the desired results.

Types of Microphone

Dynamic Microphones

The most used and basic type of microphone is the dynamic type. The main advantage of using them is the affordable price and overall performance that one gets.

The way it works is through the process of electromagnetic induction and it has a moving coil magnetic diaphragm that produces audio waves.

They can handle large levels of sound pressure while producing fast audio and are protected from normal slips and falls.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones are sensitive types that are less commonly used. They are used in music production and are mainly used to record vocals, guitar audio and instruments.

But they need a source of power to work against the dynamic forces. Condenser microphones promise far better audio and are best suited for use by singers and actors.

Ribbon Microphone

This is a subtype of a dynamic microphone. Their main parts include two small magnets, which are divided by a very thin conductive surface, such as aluminum called a ribbon.

They are very sensitive, and even blowing them hard can be harmful. They are quite small in size and can be used with audio devices.

These are the oldest and simplest microphones and work in a principled way by moving the ribbon back and forth in a magnetic field that produces sound waves.

How Does One Connect a Mic to the Computer?

We’ve said that desktops don’t have inbuilt microphones like laptops, but one thing they have in common is the ports you can use to connect an external microphone.

In most cases, the mic and headphone jacks are the same, while some PCs have separate ports for both.

The microphone is easy to connect, just insert the jack into the relevant port and you can use it. But you must use the right kind of connector.

However, you won’t find separate connectors, and they will also bring a cable. The main types of microphone connectors are as follows:


TS means tip and sleeve. Such connector records and the sound produced on a single channel is usually through the left speaker.

Thus, TS connectors are used with audio recorders and cameras when one needs mono output. They can come in both 6.35 and 3.5 mm sizes.


The TRS or tip ring can produce stereo output as the sound is produced by both speakers.

They can be used with any device that has a microphone port. They also have two different sizes that you can use according to your preference.


TRRS has two circles and is very much like TRS type. These are what headphones and earphones usually use, and you can easily use one with your smartphone.

But they only work with devices that have the same port for the mic and earphones.


The microphone is a broad subject, although we have tried to touch on the key points. In this age of digital communication, one needs to recognize the importance of components such as microphones.

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