How to connect Best handsfree Bluetooth to genuine car navigation system Bluetooth afterwards

How to connect Best handsfree Bluetooth to genuine car navigation system Bluetooth afterwards:

Recently it is not uncommon to connect a smartphone to a car audio system to listen to music, and one of the connection methods is Bluetooth. 

This Bluetooth is very convenient because it is possible to connect not only car audio but also car navigation systems and smartphones. So how do you connect Bluetooth to a genuine car navigation system? Also, if the genuine car navigation system does not originally have a Bluetooth function, how should I connect it?

what is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless connection function that is almost standard equipment on current smartphones and tablets, and some of them are also compatible with computer peripherals such as mice. Devices that support Bluetooth can be connected wirelessly.

 Once you have paired connected the devices, you do not need to make complicated settings the next time you use the devices. With the Bluetooth function, you can connect the car navigation system to your smartphone without the need for wiring so the dashboard area is also neat, and the car navigation system acts as a speaker, allowing you to make hands-free calls while driving. You can also listen to music by connecting your smartphone and car audio wirelessly.

How to connect Bluetooth to a genuine car navigation system afterwards

  • If the genuine car navigation system originally supports Bluetooth, the connection method is easy. First, prepare a Bluetooth-compatible device smartphone, audio device, etc.) that you want to connect to the car navigation system. 
  • Next operate the car navigation system and select Bluetooth from the system setting menu. If you select “Device registration” from the setting screen, the search screen for the pairing destination will be displayed, so let’s turn on Bluetooth for devices such as smartphones. 
  • The car navigation name will be displayed on the device screen, so tap it and enter the passkey displayed on the car navigation screen. If the numbers displayed on the device screen and the car navigation screen match, select “Pairing” on the device side, and select “Yes” on the car navigation side to register or not, and the connection is complete.  Even if you say genuine car navigation in a bite, there are various models from different manufacturers, so the above connection method is an example. When connecting Bluetooth to a genuine car navigation system afterwards, refer to the instruction manual of the car navigation system to connect.

How to retrofit Bluetooth to a genuine car navigation system that does not have a Bluetooth function?

So what if the genuine car navigation system doesn’t have a Bluetooth function? If the car navigation system is compatible with the Bluetooth unit, you can pair it with a smartphone etc. by installing the unit. If the unit does not support it, you can connect it later by connecting a receiver such as a Bluetooth adapter.

 You can install a Bluetooth receiver in AUX IN or cigar socket to receive data from a Bluetooth compatible device and listen to music via FM radio. There are several types of such receivers, from those that specialize in compactness to those that also have the function of charging the device, so choose your favorite receiver. Many of today’s smartphones and audio devices are compatible with Bluetooth. Take full advantage of this Bluetooth feature in your car and enjoy your favorite music.

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