Hands-Free Earphones 2021 Introducing popular models that can be used with one ear

What is hands-free earphones?

Hands-free earphones are earphones that allow you to make calls without holding a smartphone or feature phone. Even if you have a smartphone in the back of your bag or your hands are blocked, it is attractive to be able to make calls.

In addition, the model equipped with a remote control is very convenient because it can be switched by button operation when the phone rings while listening to music. In recent years, we also have a lineup of things that can start Siri and perform voice search.

How to choose hands-free earphones:

Choose by earphone type

One-ear type hands-free earphones are worn on only one ear, so the point is that you can hear the surrounding sounds. It is attractive that you can use it safely because you can pay attention to your surroundings even while you are talking on the phone.

However, it should be noted that it will inevitably be monaural because it is attached to only one side. This type is recommended for those who want to mainly use calls

Wireless “Bluetooth” type

The wireless type hands-free earphone uses Bluetooth to connect the main unit to the smartphone, so it is attractive that the cable does not get caught in the bag or coat and come off. It is also recommended for those who want to work or play sports while listening to music.

There are two types of wireless earphones: “left and right independent type” without a cable and “left and right integrated type” connected by a cable. Depending on the model, the left and right independent type can be used with only one ear.

Wired type

Among the wired types, the model that supports hands-free calling is marked by the fact that the cable has a remote control and a microphone. It doesn’t require a power source, so you don’t have to charge it every time you use it. You can quickly take it out and use it when you want to use it.

In addition, it is suitable for watching videos and playing games because sound deviation is unlikely to occur. In recent years, models that have been devised to prevent entanglement, such as grooves on the cable, have been released.

Check the performance of the microphone:

Models that combine multiple microphones to reduce ambient and wind noise, and models equipped with a noise canceling function are characterized by delivering clear voice to the other party.

Also, pay attention not only to the number of microphones, but also to the position of the microphones. A model with a microphone close to the mouth is recommended because it makes it easier for the other party to hear your voice.

It is safe if it is waterproof

The waterproof hands-free earphones are hard to break down even if they get wet due to rain or hand washing, so you can use them with confidence. It is also resistant to sweat and is attractive to wear during running and workouts.

Among the models with high IPX grade, there is also a lineup of items that can be worn while swimming. For those who have exercise habits or want to wear it in the outdoor scene, it is recommended to check whether it is waterproof.

Check how you hear your voice

When choosing hands-free earphones, be sure to check how you hear your voice. There are “monaural” where the other party’s voice can be heard from only one side and “stereo” where the other party’s voice can be heard from both sides. Stereo is characterized by its clear sound quality and easy to hear.

On the other hand, monaural is attractive because you can pay attention to the surrounding sounds even during a call or music playback. In addition, some left and right independent wireless earphones can be used with only one ear.

Recommended hands-free earphones | One ear type

Plantronics (Voyager 3200)

  • Hands-free earphones that can be easily paired. If it is an NEC compatible model, pairing is possible with one touch. It does not require difficult operations, so it is also recommended for those who are thinking about purchasing hands-free earphones for the first time.
  • The maximum continuous talk time of this product is 6 hours. The maximum continuous standby time is 7 days. With a high-performance noise canceling function, it is the best model for business situations.


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